European Plate


European cuisine has always been steeped in history, intrigue and of course… taste. This dish is a celebration of all thing Europe…. and incidentally is a GREAT party platter!

The centre of the dish is dominated by Grissini; Crispy Italian bread-sticks perfect for dipping into delectable spreads.

Speaking of spreads this dish has hummus, a great spread for anything but is especially good on Grissini, a tribute to Turkish influence on Europe.

Olives had a huge impact on the world and for good reason, with their own unique salty flavour which is perfect for showing off European cuisine.

What is the world without cheese and nothing says cheese then some good European ones… The nutty hints of Dutch edam, the melt in mouth texture of British cheddar, the hardy flavour of Swiss Emmental and the creamy, rich morsels of French brie.

No platter is complete without it’s own fine selection of artisan meats and what says Europe better than it’s own unique flavours…

Smoked kulen; a Croatian sausage delicacy is perfect for showing off European’s flavour with it’s delicately spicy flavour that will have you begging for more. Smoked Sremska sausage is another delicacy in the Balkan peninsula, that get’s people with it’s pleasantly mild flavour. The last meat on the dish is the Italian Capicola, arguably the essence of all thing Europe, a delectable dry cured ham with a pleasantly sweet disposition which is guaranteed to transform you!

This platter overall is immaculately presented, tasty and above all absolutely perfect for any occasion.





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