Hungarian Layered Cake


The Hungarian Layer Cake (Madjarica), can be described in three ways… Chocolaty, Caramelly and … Divine!

This cake is a layered cake, meaning it’s constructed of alternating layers of ‘Cake Parts’. This first layer is the base, which resembles something of a single sheet of baked cookies. The second layer is a rich chocolate filling which is guaranteed to satisfy any chocoholic. The third layer is a unique amalgamation of caramel and milk resulting in a delicious caramel filling. This is all repeated and then topped with, yup you guessed it, a chocolate layer.

This cake is like fine wine… its better when it ages. This is why it is placed to rest overnight and served the next day.

This is ideal for any occasion!




Buhtle are small sweet/savoury rolls that are perfect for any occasion.

They are made from basic yeast dough which is then rolled out into a thin sheet. Small squares are cut upon which the “special” filling is added. The squares are then pinched together and put in a pan so that when they bake, they fuse together.

These taste divine and are perfectly suited to every occasion, I speak this from experience, for whenever I serve them, they are ‘inhaled’ one by one.


Dobos Torte

This is my take on a Hungarian Specialty: Dobos torte is considered a Hungarian national dish and has over 100 different variations in recipe.

This is a multi layered cake whose batter was invented by the cake’s creator Joszef Dobos. The smooth orange slices on top of the cake (see picture) are slices of the batter on which caramel was added. This serves to add a more elegant feel to the cake while also keeping the cake fresh for longer.

Dobos has a very unique flavour, with a slightly sweet batter with a rich chocolate filling which is perfectly complemented by the sweet while slightly zesty caramel.

Moist Chocolate Cake


This is the answer to all your problems… moist, rich, tasty and most importantly chocolaty, what more could you want? This is a simple and easy cake to make, yet the end result is undoubtedly scrumptious.

Made from a single layer of sponge which is then soaked in a chocolate syrup overnight until it’s semi dry. Top that of with a rich chocolate ganache and some elegant chocolate drawings and you have a gastronomical masterpiece 🙂

This can be had at any occasion: For, your mom’s birthday, house warming party or for you to nibble on by yourself