Boxer’s Birthday Cake

Boxing Gloves Cake


Another custom cakes rolls of the kitchen this one inspired by a boxing theme. Hidden inside is a thrilling coconut cream nestled between moist chocolate layers. Draped over the cake, decorative buttercream fondant adds flavour to the already delicious cake. The detailing on this cake is nothing short of real, modelled on a real boxing ring it has ring ropes, pads and a custom badge on the belt. Needless to say it really captured the imagination of the customer.


Call us now to get your custom order cake today! Be it for birthday, corporate or wedding events.



Zerg Birthday Cake

Zerg Cake

Another special order birthday cake, this one being in the form of a Zerg hive. The zerg are a faction in the PC game ‘Starcraft’.

The base of the cake is poppy seed sponge with a moist sponge layer above that. Separating them was a tantalizing walnut cream. The actual figures were crafted from gum paste to resemble some characters that the client wanted on his cake. Overall this was quite a unique cake to create… Order your custom cake today!


Formula One Cake

Formula Cake

This is another custom order birthday cake in which the client asked for a formula one racing car. The racing car was a quite a challenge to make but the end result was something quite special.

It is a chocolate sponge cake with a delicious vanilla cream filling. The main features of the cake were done with gum paste, time and precision were utilized to make the features both aesthetically pleasing, and accurate to the specifications put forth by the client.

All in all this cake turned out to be both delicious and pleasing to the eye and for sure pleased the birthday boy!




Musical Cake

Sara Musical Cake




This custom cake definitely wows the crowd. Its gooey chocolate centre is certain to make your guests drool! Made for a music student, it really brings out the music theme: The musical  score ontop is the beginning sheet music for the ‘happy birthday’ tune, as a result, it spells ‘Happy Birthday Sara’! Dont judge a book by its cover though and order your custom cake today!




Thomas The Tank Engine


Well, this was a special order for a special birthday!

This cake not only looked its part but it also tasted really nice. The special filling cream ensured that all the birthday party guests were queueing for more! After they have taken photos, of course, as this cake was created in such a great level of detail, presenting a feast for eyes as well as stomachs!

Most importantly, it provided great excitement for the little birthday princess! She thought that it was a toy and wanted to play with it.

If only all toys were edible and tasted as good as this one!


Mixed Delight

Why limit yourself to one variety when you can have the “mixed delight” package.

This yummy dish comes equipped with:

Coconut slices, which is pleasantly sweet with it’s gooey coconut  filling.

Rum balls, as the name implies, soft chocolates balls with overtures of rum… Not too strong but not too weak!

Coconut balls, with their crunchy almond center and milky exterior perfectly complement each other for a powerful taste explosion. These can be coated in your choice of white chocolate or grated coconut.

These are perfect when you just can’t make up your mind or when you’re just feeling curious to try all!


Calculator Cake


This week I received a order from a company requiring a custom ‘calculator’ cake for a staff member leaving party.

The cake, which made up the bulk of the calculator was delicious and contained a delicate apple custard filling.

The unique calculator shape along with all the buttons was made with a sweet gum paste, which also added it’s own flavour.

All of the writing was handwritten with creamy chocolate which gave it a special touch.

Needless to say, the company was very impressed both in the taste of the cake and the speed in which it was made.


Hungarian Layered Cake


The Hungarian Layer Cake (Madjarica), can be described in three ways… Chocolaty, Caramelly and … Divine!

This cake is a layered cake, meaning it’s constructed of alternating layers of ‘Cake Parts’. This first layer is the base, which resembles something of a single sheet of baked cookies. The second layer is a rich chocolate filling which is guaranteed to satisfy any chocoholic. The third layer is a unique amalgamation of caramel and milk resulting in a delicious caramel filling. This is all repeated and then topped with, yup you guessed it, a chocolate layer.

This cake is like fine wine… its better when it ages. This is why it is placed to rest overnight and served the next day.

This is ideal for any occasion!


Dobos Torte

This is my take on a Hungarian Specialty: Dobos torte is considered a Hungarian national dish and has over 100 different variations in recipe.

This is a multi layered cake whose batter was invented by the cake’s creator Joszef Dobos. The smooth orange slices on top of the cake (see picture) are slices of the batter on which caramel was added. This serves to add a more elegant feel to the cake while also keeping the cake fresh for longer.

Dobos has a very unique flavour, with a slightly sweet batter with a rich chocolate filling which is perfectly complemented by the sweet while slightly zesty caramel.

Moist Chocolate Cake


This is the answer to all your problems… moist, rich, tasty and most importantly chocolaty, what more could you want? This is a simple and easy cake to make, yet the end result is undoubtedly scrumptious.

Made from a single layer of sponge which is then soaked in a chocolate syrup overnight until it’s semi dry. Top that of with a rich chocolate ganache and some elegant chocolate drawings and you have a gastronomical masterpiece 🙂

This can be had at any occasion: For, your mom’s birthday, house warming party or for you to nibble on by yourself