This is a traditional savoury specialities from the Balkans. This is savoury at its best, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The choice of fillings is left up to your hearts content but remember, as the saying goes ‘All great things are simple’.

Either way, your guests will be impressed by the simplicity and tastiness that has survived the ages!




Arguably one of the best foods to come from the Balkans, Burek is a sensation all around Europe.

Recipes are handed down generation after generation with burek being so important, that in some parts of Europe, girls are not considered woman until they can make a good burek!

Joking aside, Burek only became popular because it tastes GREAT…

The only way to describe burek is for you to actually taste it… feel it melting in your mouth… smell it whilst it is still warm…

Burek is simply something to die for.




Buhtle are small sweet/savoury rolls that are perfect for any occasion.

They are made from basic yeast dough which is then rolled out into a thin sheet. Small squares are cut upon which the “special” filling is added. The squares are then pinched together and put in a pan so that when they bake, they fuse together.

These taste divine and are perfectly suited to every occasion, I speak this from experience, for whenever I serve them, they are ‘inhaled’ one by one.