Zerg Birthday Cake

Zerg Cake

Another special order birthday cake, this one being in the form of a Zerg hive. The zerg are a faction in the PC game ‘Starcraft’.

The base of the cake is poppy seed sponge with a moist sponge layer above that. Separating them was a tantalizing walnut cream. The actual figures were crafted from gum paste to resemble some characters that the client wanted on his cake. Overall this was quite a unique cake to create… Order your custom cake today!


Musical Cake

Sara Musical Cake




This custom cake definitely wows the crowd. Its gooey chocolate centre is certain to make your guests drool! Made for a music student, it really brings out the music theme: The musical  score ontop is the beginning sheet music for the ‘happy birthday’ tune, as a result, it spells ‘Happy Birthday Sara’! Dont judge a book by its cover though and order your custom cake today!




Dobos Torte

This is my take on a Hungarian Specialty: Dobos torte is considered a Hungarian national dish and has over 100 different variations in recipe.

This is a multi layered cake whose batter was invented by the cake’s creator Joszef Dobos. The smooth orange slices on top of the cake (see picture) are slices of the batter on which caramel was added. This serves to add a more elegant feel to the cake while also keeping the cake fresh for longer.

Dobos has a very unique flavour, with a slightly sweet batter with a rich chocolate filling which is perfectly complemented by the sweet while slightly zesty caramel.

Moist Chocolate Cake


This is the answer to all your problems… moist, rich, tasty and most importantly chocolaty, what more could you want? This is a simple and easy cake to make, yet the end result is undoubtedly scrumptious.

Made from a single layer of sponge which is then soaked in a chocolate syrup overnight until it’s semi dry. Top that of with a rich chocolate ganache and some elegant chocolate drawings and you have a gastronomical masterpiece 🙂

This can be had at any occasion: For, your mom’s birthday, house warming party or for you to nibble on by yourself